Solutions Pathways offers services around the following areas:

Personal Development Coaching:

self image and confidence building
inner and outer life balance
values-based living
connect with your vision or "soul's" purpose
eliminate limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviour patterns

Executive Coaching:

transition management
strategic planning
stress management and resilience

Entrepreneurial Development Coaching:

start or grow your own successful and profitable business
move through barriers productively and efficiently
find personal and financial reward

Lifestyle Coaching:

achieve and maintain physical fitness and health goals
time management, life balance and stress reduction
find or create your dream career
prosperity and abundance building

Relationship Coaching (couples and families):

find and/or maintain healthy relationships
conflict resolution
communication building

Special Coaching Programs:

"Time Solutions":

A three-session, power packed program, essential for anyone needing to find extra hours in the day, restructure their daily demands and bring fun and balance back into their busy life!

This program includes a:

life balance assessment
time use analysis
construction of a personal "Time-Line and Goal Strategy"
"The Image Intensive":

Are there things you consistently do or say to yourself that hold you back from happiness? The Image Intensive is a three-part process, during which negative and self-defeating behaviors and self talk are identified and disempowered, followed by the unearthing and integration of who you are at your very best.

"Relationship Renew":

A four-session intensive, perfect for couples who want to re-connect on a deeper level, improve their communication style, learn how to reduce conflict and build a shared future vision.

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