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Drs. Eckler and Black and the Smile Orthodontic Team offers the following services

There are many options for braces. There are metal braces, clear braces(tooth coloured braces, and "invisable braces" which include: Invisalign and Lingual braces (braces from behind the teeth).


All three of these options are available in our office and they all take about the same length of time for treatment.

With metal braces, you can put colours on them and you can change the colours every visit. You can also choose to stay with the stainless steel colour.

Clear braces (tooth coloured braces) are a popular choice for those patients who do not want their braces to be as visible as the standard metal braces.

Invisalign is the newest addition to orthodontic treatment. It consists of clear plastic (practically invisible) removable retainers that are used just like braces to straighten the teeth. For those patients who do not want to wear braces, they may be a candidate for this method of treatment or you can ask us about braces from behind your teeth (Lingual braces).

Whatever you desire, we have a solution that meets your needs to help you get a beautiful, healthy smile to last you a lifetime!

Every patient after orthodontic treatment is given retainers. We offer both removable and permanent invisible retainers that will help you maintain your smile for your lifetime.

Treatment Time
The average time in braces or retainers is between 1 1/2 to 2 years with a visit every 6-12 weeks. But the time can vary depending upon your unique treatment. Contact us to find out the different treatment options available to you.


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