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Overnight Oximetry Testing ~ Evidence FREE Service!

Overnight Oximetry is often the first step in Sleep Apnea treatment and may be utilized as a pre-screening tool for suspected moderate to severe sleep apnea.
May be used to determine efficacy and likelihood of success of various treatments such as CPAP, laser surgery, O2 therapy, or dental appliances.

This test is ordered by a doctor who is provided with an interpreted 10 page report outlining all the findings and conclusions. This interpretation is provided by Respirologists trained in Sleep Medicine. Sleeptech Homecare Services is fully accredited through the BC Medical Association Accreditation Committee.

Overnight Screening ~ Diagnostics FREE Service!
The overnight screening test provides more information than the overnight oximetry test. As well as oxygen saturation and heart rate, this test measures snoring volume, sleep position, airflow and effort to breathe. This is a much more definitive test. This is interpreted by a respirologist trained in sleep medicine. The referring doctor will receive a 6-page interpreted report with recommendations.

Treatment Options


CPAP Therapy is considered the first-line therapy for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, based on it's effectiveness in correcting respiratory events, related arousal's and improving morbidity.

~ We provide a free trial period of 4-6 weeks offered to patients, including the mask

~ 1 to 1 1/2 hour consult to initiate therapy.

~ We offer the largest choice of equipment in the Lower Mainland.

~ We prepare our patients with sufficient knowledge to ensure maximum success. This knowledge base profoundly affects success.

~ Requisitions may be sent via FAX and SLEEPTECH will ensure patient begins therapy. Patient's may be "set-up" in their home at no extra charge

Patient's follow-up will include overnight oximetry
Annual complementary consult provided to ensure continued usage
Progress report sent to physician at 1 month

Details include:
Subjective/objective compliance
Side effects incurred/actions taken to alleviate symptoms
Interface utilized/other trials with interfaces
CPAP unit
Humidifier utilized

Most extended health benefit plans cover 80% of CPAP therapy. SLEEPTECH is able to directly invoice many of these plans. All plans require a physician's letter describing in detail patient's condition and prescription. Sample letter may be provided by request. Some plans require pre-CPAP overnight test.


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