SKILLZ - Skating and Shooting Center
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  • OUR SKILLZ HAVE IMPROVED - SHOULDN'T YOURS? -  SKILLZ has completed its extensive renovations and is fully operational. Come and check out our revamped treadmill area featuring 2 BLADE treadmills and Western Canadas ONLY RAPIDHANDS Stickhandling Zone.
  • SKILLZ is pleased to introduce it's 2010 ON-ICE TRAINING PROGRAMS. Registration for yearly members begins January 2, 2010. Read more here. 
  • SKILLZ  is now offering : FLAT BOTTOM "V" SKATE SHARPENING. Come in and talk to our staff to see how this revolutionary skate sharpening system can change your game. For more info visit: 
  • Never skated on the treadmill? Book a time for a free trial and try out the Rapidshot.
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