Sigge's offers numerous services and a wide range of equipment: cross-country skis, clothing and boots, binding installation and hot wax, cross country ski packages, and skate skiing equipment.

What Is Skate Skiing? Sigge's Cross-Country Skiing

The activity of skate skiing on cross-country skis was introduced back in the mid 1980's. The evolution of skate skiing equipment has been dramatic, and there is now a variety of equipment that is specifically designed for this sport. Many athletes use skate skiing as a form of cross training in order to maintain fitness levels. Skate skiing is generally more free flowing and faster than the classic style of cross-country skiing  It also offers a faster learning curve for developing technique.

Sigge's offers a large selection of skate skiing equipment, clothing and accessories. Skate skiing packages from Sigge's range from $655 - $1500 Canadian; this includes skis, boots, bindings. and poles.

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