Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy
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You will have an initial consultation with our physical therapist, followed by an assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms and define realistic goals for recovery.
A custom designed program of treatment will focus on active tissue healing, overall health and prevention of further injury. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to get you healthy.
Get yourself back in the game.
We commit to helping you achieve your goals. To your time and effort, you must follow the SPSP rules.
Believe that you are going to get well.
Commit to healing.  Follow the plan we prepare and set out for you.
Let us know your goals.  We will find a way to help you stay active as safely as possible.
What we Treat:
  • Sports and performance injuries
  • Muscle strains and Ligament sprains
  • Post fracture and Surgery recovery
  • Back and Neck pain
  • All types of joint injuries
  • Work related injuries
How we Treat:
Manual therapy to improve range of motion.
Stretching to reduce stress on joints.
Hot and cold therapy to improve circulation to muscles and soft tissue.
Exercise to strengthen muscles, improve balance and increase endurance.
Taping or Bracing to improve and hasten recovery.
Our entire team is dedicated to your recovery:
As a Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy client, you will receive the full benefit of a multi-disciplinary approach to your treatment, with everything you need under one roof and in the hands of some of the most skilled professionals in health care.
Take charge of your recovery.
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