Shelbourne Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is a branch of rehabilitation medicine that focuses on physical rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. These include injuries to joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and the systems required for healing and normal function.

All of our physiotherapists are registered to practice physiotherapy with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia and are members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. They are a motivated group of professionals that have achieved the highest Orthopaedic Designation obtaining their Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, or are actively working towards this goal.

Physiotherapy at Shelbourne Physical Therapy Health Solutions encompasses the following:

1) Assessment of the patients' subjective complaints and objective findings of their injury/complaint.

2) Treatment specifically designed for the individual's immediate needs and long-term goals.

  • Ongoing re-evaluation as required to produce maximum results from treatment
  • Communication with and/or referral to other health professionals deemed appropriate for the patient's care.
  • A long-term treatment and/or home care plan specific to the patient.

Manual Therapy

All our physiotherapists are trained to use their hands for joint and soft tissue mobilization and joint manipulations. These are important treatment techniques for increasing joint mobility, soft tissue extensibility and restoring range of motion. The specific joint mobility assessment techniques determine the appropriate course of manual therapy treatment. Physiotherapists Penny Salmas, Peter Huijbregts, Jennifer Kolot, John Hunter and Annmarie Scanlan have all achieved the highest possible designation in manual therapy.


Specific exercises, dependent on assessment findings, are introduced into the treatment program to enhance healing and return to activity in a safe, effective manner. Home exercise programs are an integral part of each individual's rehabilitation program and preventative maintenance.

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Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation

The assessment and search for the cause and treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems are within the realm of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists Peter Huijbregts and Jennifer Kolot have received special training and are well qualified to treat vertigo, balance-áand dizziness disorders. Peter Huijbregts practices at the main Victoria Physiotherapy clinic located at 100B -3200 Shelbourne St., Victoria, BC, V8P 5G8. Jennifer Kolot practices at our downtown Victoria Physiotherapy clinic located at 308-1175 Cook St., Victoria, BC, V8V 4A1.

An assessment by a trained physiotherapist is undertaken and results communicated to the referring physician and patient. Referrals for consultations are initiated to trained specialists as necessary. Conditions treated by the physiotherapist are those that require joint mobilizations/manipulations, manual therapy techniques, and home exercises.

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Mechanical Traction/Spinal Decompression

Utilizing mechanical traction can benefit certain cervical, thoracic, and lumbar problems. The patient is comfortably positioned lying down to take pressure off affected structures such as discs, facet joints, and neurological tissue. Our specialized equipment is top of the line, imported from England.

Traction is sometimes referred to as spinal decompression. The cost for traction/spinal decompression-átreatment is $1/minute. A typical treatment-álasts 15-20 minutes. All patients must be assessed by a Registered Physiotherapist prior to receiving spinal decompression/traction to ensure it is the appropriate treatment.

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Included in this group of treatments are those modalities used to assist the manual therapist in achieving patients' treatment goals. These include:

Ultrasound - a mechanical and thermal agent that uses high frequency sound waves for a variety of therapeutic effects to aid in healing and pain relief.

Interferential current - a modality incorporating two interfering currents that produce a resultant therapeutic frequency that affects tissues. These include, but are not limited to, alterations in the transmission of pain and effects on the inflammatory process.

Electrical muscle stimulation - an electrical current with a frequency targeting muscle. It is used in muscle re-education and/or relaxation post injury.

High-voltage galvanic stimulation - a higher voltage current with a low average amperage used for acute injuries where pain and swelling are a major factor.

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Sports Injuries

Our physiotherapists are experienced in treating injuries resulting from sports and physical over-training.

We have the added benefit of first-hand combined knowledge of various sports through the participation in the following sports:

Racquet sports, soccer, martial arts, weight-lifting, gymnastics, dance, running, skiing, ultimate frisbee, triathlons, pilates, snowboarding, golf, cycling, rugby, surfing, swimming, basketball, football, and rowing.

We realize the importance of returning injured athletes back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible, without jeopardizing the healing process. Sport specific rehabilitation functions to transition the athlete from an injured state towards progressive return to activity.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

The unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) is a common reason to initiate treatment at Shelbourne Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy, often in combination with massage and/or pilates, is an effective approach to your rehabilitation. Communication with ICBC adjustors or other private insurers is undertaken as part of treatment.

Our modern 1600 sq ft studio has skylights to bring in the natural light to create a bright and warm atmosphere. We carry the highest quality of Stott Pilates Equipment Reformers, Arc Barrels, Cadillac and Stability Chairs. With 8 Stott Certified Instructors we offer group, private and semi private classes for all ages, physical abilities and fitness levels.

Pilates is being pursued by a population of people who are striving for a new sense of body awareness, attention to detail and physical fitness. Pilates is excellent for everyone ranging from rehabilitating patients to elite athletes. There is something for everyone!


Why Pilates?

  • Develops strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Flattens abs “core”
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Prevents injury
  • Heightens body awareness
  • Challenging and diverse

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“STOTT PILATES conditioning will help you develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture without adding bulk or stressing your joints. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, athletic training or rehabilitation, STOTT PILATES exercises will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with ease"