Shakti Sisters Yoga class

In each class, a special goddess card is chosen and meditated upon. Your personal goddess serves as a guide  and inspiration during practice. After a grounding meditation, we awaken our energy through a  strengthening and focusing yogic flow,  then nurture our feminine spirit with the sensuous movements of bellydance, free-dancing and  finally ending in deep relaxation. Throughout the class, attention is given not only to proper alignment, but also to deepening our intuitive faculties, and connecting to the sacred energy flowing through us.  The term ‘Shakti’ means sacred force, or power. It is the dynamic, feminine energy of creation. Emphasis is on nurturing ourselves as women- moving and breathing mindfully, connecting to mother earth, honoring our fluctuating energy levels, and to feel pleasure in moving our bodies.

Physical benefits
: Muscular strength & flexibility; Balance; Hormonal balance; Toning of the pelvic floor muscles   & abdominals; Detoxification of internal organs, Improved posture, grace & ease of movement, Increased sexual/sensual pleasure.

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits:
Self-esteem; Confidence; Stimulated creativity; Grace; Improved relationship with your Femininity; Rhythm; Support; Sisterhood; Enhanced intuition;  Healing emotional wounds;    Connection to the Goddess within; Greater faith in life; Inspiration.

Earth Mama Class

For pregnant women. Recommended in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Please consult your doctor or midwife before beginning. Similar to the Shakti Sisters Class, but specifically designed for pregnancy. You will learn  meditation techniques that deepen your bond with your baby and nourish your body and soul. We practice breathwork and yoga postures that support  the emotional, physical and spiritual changes of this time, followed by the  flowing movements of bellydance to release emotional and physical tension, while strengthening the muscles required for a smooth labour. End the class feeling rested, rejuvenated and confident as a mother-to-be.

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