Seva Physiotherapy

At Seva Physiotherapy, we apply systematic clinical Orthopaedic tests using logic and critical thinking to determine the source of your condition. We treat your pain at its source employing a range of physical therapies including: spinal manipulation; nerve, joint and muscle mobilization; joint stabilization; acupuncture; intramuscular stimulation (IMS); posture correction and ergonomic education; and body mechanics retraining for sport and other activity. Our satisfaction comes from helping you return to normal function and activity including sleep, work, sport and recreation, from music to dance to gardening. We want to help you live an active lifestyle unconstrained by pain.

We treat all types of conditions involving physical dysfunction, from acute to chronic and in clients of all ages. Knee pain, back pain, bone conditions, nerve conditions, fractures, sprains, strains, sports related injuries are all examples of physical dysfunctions that have gone through successfully rehabilitation at Seva Physiotherapy.

Seva Physiotherapy Sports Injury and Acupuncture Clinic has been in operation since 2004, and is located in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver. It is owned and operated by Peter McClean, Registered Physiotherapist since 1987 and his business partner Jill Renowitzky an accomplished physiotherapist with over a decade of experience.

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