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Sculpt is a Stott Pilates certified studio. The Stott method of Pilates is leading the industry with its focus on optimal musculoskeletal performance and its internationally recognized certification process.

Unlike the original series of Pilates exercises, Stott Pilates incorporates modern exercise principles, including contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement. After 5 years of intensive study with registered practitioners from the health field, Moira Stott and her team of professionals built on Joseph Pilates' work to develop a vast repertoire of progressive exercises for the mat and the reformer machine.

Stott Pilates exercises focuses on core stability, which includes pelvic, ribcage and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and patterned breathing to help restore the natural curves of the spine, relieve tension throughout the body and enhance overall mobility.

Sculpt offers both mat instruction and reformer instruction. Pilates is a positive addition to your overall weight loss program. Benefits of Pilates include:

  • longer, leaner muscles
  • improves postural problems
  • increases core strength/stability and peripheral mobility
  • helps prevent injury
  • enhances functional fitness, ease of movement
  • balances strength and flexibility
  • heightens body awareness
  • no-impact - easy on the joints
  • can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • compliments other methods of exercise
  • improves performance in sports
  • improves balance, coordination and circulation

There are many forms of yoga, from restorative and relaxation forms to physically challenging. A yoga class could choose to focus on breath, meditation, postures (lyengar), movement (ashtanga) or all of the above.

Sculpt’s first approach to yoga is as a physical discipline of flexibility training, bringing balance to the musculoskeletal system. An effective flexibility program increases physical performance by:

  • promoting a greater range of motion around a joint so that it requires less energy to move
  • decreasing the body's vulnerability to injury
  • increasing the circulation of healthy nutrition to the muscles.

Our second approach to yoga is a mindful discipline of body awareness through movement articulation. The postures of yoga demand thoughtful integration of the body and the mind. As you move your thoughts inward, you are able to articulate your personal potential.

Yoga invites you to a place of reflection and heightened awareness, a valuable tool needed in the fast-paced demands of life.

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