Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Antosh has trained extensively in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry and he loves creating smiles.

His education includes the advanced cosmetic program at the Pacific Continuum in San Francisco and he has completed the master esthetics at the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry. The Las Vegas Institute (LVI) trains dentists on neuromuscular occlusion to rebuild teeth that have been worn down. Dr. Antosh has taken many courses at LVI to help people with this problem.

With new materials and an understanding of functional occlusion, worn dentitions can be easily restored metal free. Dr. Antosh also provides his patients with many different bleaching options. The newest technology and most advanced one Zoom hour bleaching system is available.

General Dentistry
Dr. Antosh has been using tooth coloured filling material and porcelain materials for years. With new materials he can restore your teeth painlessly and easily while conserving as much tooth as possible. Many procedures can be done with little or no aesthetics, but of course your comfort is our first concern.

Therefore, we offer many comfort aids including: TVs, DVDs, pillows, blankets and headphones. Nitrous-oxide sedation is available upon request. Above all, Dr. Antosh appreciates the opportunity to provide his patients with exceptional dentistry.

Orthodontic Dentistry
Along with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Antosh's passion is orthodontics.

He has studies under Dr. Witzig, Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Jim Broadbent, and others. Dr Antosh has learned to easily correct crowded and crooked teeth. He had been using functional appliances on children and adults to correct jaw position and arch width.

Most cases can be completed within a year and a half with beautiful results.

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