Laser Treatments

The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers very precise beams of concentrated light and each one is man-made for a specific purpose. Dr. Pavlenko use lasers in his office to minimize discomfort, shorten recovery times, and improve the efficiency of his office.

A dental laser simultaneously vaporizes the tissue it is aimed at while sterilizing the area and sealing off blood vessels to prevent bleeding or infection. The laser is microscopically precise, a huge technological advance over a drill or scalpel.

With laser dentistry, certain procedures are performed in a fraction of the time and you will feel more comfortable during dental procedures. Little or no anesthesia is typically needed, since the laser works only on the targeted tissue and leaves all else untouched. You can of course have a local anesthetic if you wish.

Soft tissue laser
Some lasers are good for working on soft tissue like the gums. Dr. Pavlenko uses his soft tissue laser for gum recontouring to correct a gummy smile, for treatment of gum disease and cold sores or canker sores, and for oral surgery.

Tooth whitening laser
In tooth whitening, lasers are often used to heat the bleaching material so that you can get your teeth whitened in a shorter amount of time. Laser whitening is able to get rid of tougher stains on your teeth than just using an over-the-counter product.

Cold laser "Periowave"
We use it in our hygiene treatment to kill periodontal bacteria and create perfect condition for diseased gum tissue to heal without using antibiotic. This extremely safe and effective treatment option allows us achieve good treatment results even in some difficult cases. Certain gum bacteria create "bad breath" which consecutively resolves after "Periowave" treatment.

You can read more about our technology on our Advanced Procedures page.
To learn more about your dental status and what modern options might be good for your smile, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation. You could meet Dr. Pavlenko and the team, and look around our comfortable offices. We hope to meet with you soon.

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