Regina Eye Centre

We are proud to offer a wide range of eye care services from routine eye examinations to refractive surgery consultations to in-house spectacle lens edging. Take a look and see what we offer! -á Contact Lenses -á We offer the full range of contact lenses from daily disposable soft lenses, to lenses that you can safely sleep in for up to a month, to multifocal contacts for those over 40, to coloured lenses to change our eye colour- just for fun! -á -á State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment -á From our new Optomap retinal imaging units, to our Frequency Doubler visual field tester to the latest computer equipment, we strive to stay on the leading edge. -á -á Spectacle Dispensary -á Each of our two main offices has a full dispensary. -á -á Refractive Surgery Consultation -á Refractive surgery has come a long way in the past ten years. We have helped many people achieve greater freedom from their spectacles. -á Emergency Eye Care -á All of the doctors of Regina Eye Centre are therapeutically certified, i.e. able to prescribe drugs for the treatment of primary ocular disease (infections, allergies, inflammation, mild trauma)as well as able to remove surface foreign bodies from the eye. -á Routine Eye Examinations -á We take pride in offering eye care services to cover a lifetime. Our recommended frequency of eye examinations is generally: 1st exam by age 3, yearly for those between ages 3 and 18 and over 65, and every 2 years for the rest. People with higher risk factors such as those with diabetes may require more frequent services. Our full oculovisual examination includes a systematic check of different systems which may include binocular vision, depth perception, peripheral vision, visual acuity, pressure check for glaucoma, internal and external ocular health, and colour vision. -á -á On-site Lab -á We have on-site at our Northgate office our own edging laboratory for spectacle lenses. -á -á Safety Eyewear Program -á Like other optometrists in Saskatchewan, the Regina Eye Centre proudly provides safety eyewear privately and through the Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists' Occupational Vision Care Plan.

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