RANA Pulmonary Function Lab

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function test results help physicians:

  • Screen for obstructive and restrictive pulmonary disease
  • Document the progression of pulmonary disease
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of inhaled respiratory medications

RANA’s pulmonary function testing meets ATS guidelines for quality and accuracy. We use the Medgraphics Elite body plethysmograph and Breeze software.

We offer the following tests:

Simple Spirometry including:

  • FVC, FeV1, FeV1/FVC ratio, Fef25-75% & PEFR

Complete Pulmonary Function tests including:

  • FVC (spirometry)
  • SVC testing: parameters reported - SVC, ERV and IC
  • Body plethysmography: parameters reported - TGV, TLC, RV and airway resistance (optional)
  • Diffusion: parameter reported - DLCO uncorrected for Hb, DL/VA and VA

Testing procedure:

  • Testing takes 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • The patient must be able to sit for testing; the patient will not be asked to exercise
  • Bronchodilators may be administered based on approved protocols
  • Patients may be instructed to refrain from taking their inhaled bronchodilators prior to testing (if approved by the referring physician). If the patient has taken inhaled bronchodilators prior to testing, the therapist will note this on the report for the interpreting Respirologist

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