Qi Integrated is the only clinic in Western Canada to specialize in the treatment of asthma and respiratory health with Chinese medicine. Each of our TCM practitioners has had extensive post-graduate training in the treatment of asthma. Treatment is geared towards helping the individual manage symptoms without the use of corticosteroids and bronchodilators. Once this is achieved, the treatment aims to strengthen the system against triggers and lessen the overall effects of this debilitating disorder. We offer an effective 6 month program with a great deal of individualized support, and a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Muscular & Neurological Health

We treat:

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Facial Tic
Post-Stroke Sequelae
Facial Paralysis
Intercostal Neuralgia
Cervical Syndrome
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow 
Low Back, Neck and General Body Pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is regarded as a blockage in the flow of qi or blood. While pharmaceutical and surgical treatments may help relieve pain, they aren’t your only option. We can get to the root cause of your discomfort without invasive procedures or harmful side effects. Using acupuncture and massage, we can release tense muscles, nourish frayed nerves and stimulate your body’s energy meridians to direct blood flow to the areas needing it most.

Chiropractors look at how the body is functioning as a whole. If you have pain or an injury, there is likely an imbalance in your body that lead to the problem. Your Chiropractic doctor will assess where these imbalances are, how this is affecting your overall health, and if there is an irritation of the nervous system involved. Using Chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Technique (A.R.T) we will restore balance to the muscles, joints, and nerves of the body.

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