Natural Facials

Long term beautiful skin is the main goal of our Facial Treatments. Each Facial is a Holistic Experience that celebrates your uniqueness. Learn how to achieve + maintain your Individual Beauty from our experienced Natural Skincare Specialists. We offer Facial Packages that are available at discounts to encourage regular maintenance of Beautiful Skin.

All services are a holistic experience + are performed with our natural products from our extensive selection of world class natural skincare.

Salt Microdermabrasion Facial

Refine your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, pores, scars + pigmentation.

Pure + simple's microderambrasion is not only safest way to improve the appearance of your skin but it is the healthiest + most effective. This microdermabrasion is a deeper peeling with less inflammation. The all-natural sea salts give a deeper more refining treatment so that you need 50% less treatments.

• Sea Salt is purifying + hydrating to the skin so that blemishes are reduced + skin is more hydrated
• This treatment is the most effective anti-aging + skin refining treatment that is suitable for all skin types + skin tones
• The appearance of the skin improves immediately after treatment as there is less inflammation with each treatment even though the treatment is deeper than microdermabrasion with aluminum crystals

This facial includes Cleansing, Sea Salt Microdermabrasion, a facial mask, toning, Collagen + elastin Serum, + Moisturizing + sun protection. 
 IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Photo Facial

 This is the treatment for those of you who want to rejuvenate + improve the appearance your skin dramatically.

Known Benefits of IPL:
1. Rejuvenates the appearance of dry maturing skin by stimulating the skin cells
2. Reduces the appearance of Rosacea + sensitivity by reducing appearance of redness + inflammation
3. Reduces the appearance of blemishes by balancing the production of sebum + by minimizing the appearance of scarring + redness

Visible Changes in the appearance of the skin:
1. Skin is more tone with less facial lines
2. Skin looks more plump + hydrated
3. Skin tone is more even as pigmentation + redness lessens
4. Skin is smoother as pores + scarring is reduced

Pure + simple chose Palomar's Starlux for
1. It's leading edge IPL technology
2. It's safety on skin + it's comfort for the client
3. It's effectiveness in improving the skin's appearance by reducing the appearance of Facial Lines, Pigmentation, Pores, Skin Textures, Scarring
4. It's ability to do all this in less treatments for the client

To increase the effectiveness of IPL Photo Facials, resulting in getting better value for your skin investment, Pure + simple Skincare Experts recommend beginning with a treatment of Sea Salt Microdermabrasion. For more mature skin, excellent results can be achieved, by complimenting IPL Photo Facials with a series of Sea Salt Microdermabrasions and/or Express LumiLifts. For a program that is tailored to your expectations + your skin condition, consult your Pure + Simple Skincare Expert 

Remove unwanted hair with our all-natural pine resin waxing services.

• Pine resin wax desensitize the skin reducing redness + discomfort
• It is a strong natural stabilized wax which gets the bulb of the hair upon removal

Our  waxing method involves using Organic Oils instead of traditional powder as a barrier between the skin + wax. 

• Leaves skin less red + less irritated
• The Organic Oils used are non-comedogenic + will not clog pores
• Helps prevent ingrown hair
• Keeps skin hydrated + acts as a barrier resulting in a less painful waxing
  experience as the oil softens the skin
• Oils are customized to your skin type - especially beneficial for sensitive skin

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