Professional Skate Service
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Come to Professional Skate Service Calgary for an expert skate sharpening. Whether you have a typical hockey skate or a more detailed figure skate, the staff can perform various grinds that are unique to your skate. Your skate sharpening may include radius changes, rockering, and a variety of hallow depths

Blade Alignment

Professional Skate Service Calgary helps skaters improve control and re-establish their centre of gravity. This helps skaters easily control both the inside and outside skate edges. A blade alignment can help prevent ankle, hip, knee and lower back injuries and improve your skating skills.

Power Stretching

Professional Skate Service Calgary can stretch figure or hockey skates up to one half size in length. A good example of how power stretching is used is for children's skates. Because kids' feet grow so quickly, this allows you to put a child in properly fitting skates to stretch them out so they can last the entire season.

Heat Fit

Heat fit can be performed on old and new skates. Heating skate boots helps soften the leather, then stiffen it so it can mold to your foot, creating a custom fit for each individual.

Skate Rebuilding

Skate rebuilding helps rebuild boots that are “broken down” so they will last the season. It's also used to increase ankle support, or to reline worn liners.

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