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After providing rehabilitation services in Saskatoon’s North End since 1998, Pro Sport Rehab & Fitness realized that the rehabilitation needs of one of the fastest growing cities in Saskatchewan, Warman, were not being met. Pro Sport approached the Warman Legends Centre and quickly realized it was an ideal location for both parties to open Pro Sport Rehab - Warman. The Legends Centre is a state-of-the-art facility and Pro Sport –Warman’s rehabilitation services complement the numerous services offered there. Pro Sport – Warman houses licensed professionals in the Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy fields. We also offer acupuncture and concussion management services. We are very pleased to serve Warman and area; many of our Pro Sport team members have relocated their families to this wonderful community. Our Story Pro Sport Rehab was founded in 1998 by Corey Young, Mark Labrecque, and Blaine Whyte. All three were involved in sports at that time and we wanted to open a clinic that used a sport model for treating injuries. Our first clinic was a converted racquetball court inside of the River Racquet Athletic Club. It was cozy inside the 800 square foot clinic; we were able to operate there until 2005 when we knew that we would have to expand. At that time we upgraded and moved to our Millar Avenue location. We went from three treatment rooms to eight, 800 square feet to 6000, added Massage Therapy to our services as well as additional Physical Therapists. Along with the expansion of the clinical services came the addition of our functional gym to help with rehabilitating our clients as well as offering personal training, team training, and off season hockey training.
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