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Chiropractic Activator adjustment
At Preston Family Chiropractic we provide high tech, low force chiropractic care. This is very different from the traditional manual adjustment that is commonly known here in Canada. The doctors at Preston Family Chiropractic were trained at the first school for chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Throughout their years of training the doctors have incorporated many low force techniques and adjunctive therapies into their practice to find to most efficient way to get their clients become pain free and healthier faster.

Our doctors use instruments like the Activator and the Erchonia Adjustor to ensure a low force adjustment. This allows for very specific adjustments of the joints of the spine and extremities without the need for taking the area to a point of making a cracking or crunching noise. It is comfortable for the patient, particularly when there is a considerable amount of pain at the area of injury.

Our techniques and modalities are high tech and are utilized to achieve a great level of pain reduction and health improvement in a time efficient manner. Our doctors use the Erchonia Low Level Laser to decrease inflammation and speed up healing as well as the Erchonia Percussor to address any soft tissue restrictions that surround the area of injury or instability.

The two major benefits of this type of care are,
1.Very specific and fast adjusting techniques do not require any joint cavitations (crack/crunch) to achieve the desired outcome.

2.The adjustment is supported and enhanced by soft tissue therapies.

Our clients report that:

1.Pain relief is often immediate.

2.They are amazed at how fast they are recovering and returning to their pre-injury activities.

3.Their anxiety about receiving chiropractic adjustments is greatly reduced.

4.Adjustments with this chiropractic technique provide relief for longer periods than other types of adjustments.

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