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This class introduces the principles of Pilates exercises. All essential exercises are broken down into specific components with a focus on technique and coordination. Beginner Mat provides both a base strength and an understanding of Pilates technique as a prerequisite for other classes.


A continuation from the Beginner Mat series, this class introduces participants to intermediate mat exercises and is aimed at challenging individual strength, endurance, and coordination.


This class uses the reformer equipment to challenge your peripheral joints and muscles while maintaining a strong core. Learn a variety of exercises focusing on coordination, balance, and overall strength. The reformer is ideal for rehabilitative purposes and injury prevention. Beginner Mat class is required prior to enrolling in a reformer class.


This class combines mat and reformer exercises to provide an effective total body workout. Challenge your back and abdominals on the mat and pump up your periphery on the reformer for overall postural strength and fitness.

PRIVATE/SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES: Ask about special rates and times.

BUILD YOUR OWN CLASS: Gather 3-5 of your friends and customize your own class and time.

Stott Pilates - Pilates was developed in Germany and Stott Pilates is a modern version of this popular European fitness program. It evolved through input from sports medical specialists, physical therapists and exercise specialists. Using traditional mats and equipment called reformers, exercises are broken down into specific components. Stott Pilates provides participants with an anatomically correct repertoire of movement in a safe, yet challenging, fitness environment.

Benefits of Stott Pilates - Pilates is safe and effective for rehabilitation and ideal for improving performance in a wide range of sport and play. Stott Pilates emphasizes core strength, endurance, flexibility, and body awareness.

Improve your
- posture and core strength
- joint mobility and stability
- muscle strength, endurance and flexibility
- body awareness and control

Reduce your
- risk of injury
- incidence of muscle and joint pain

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