Tiny Toes (Ages 2-1/2 to 4) This class has been designed to develop musicality, coordination, movement and imagination for the very young child.   Children learn listening skills, get to use their imagination, learn movement skills jump, hop, leap, walk, run, gallop, slide) and movement concepts (fast, slow, big, little).

Jazz Matazz (Ages 4 to 6) Jazz is a BIG HIT with little children.  Jazz is a multi-faceted art form. Jazz has many different styles and tempos.  Because of its many styles, this jazz class can suit any child’s needs.

Ballet/Jazz Combo and Jazz/Tap Combo (Ages 5 to 7) The very young will be taught ballet training with plies, arm positions, movements, turns and jumps, as well as terminology in jazz and tap.   This class is for the ambitious and energetic child.

Tiny Tappers (Ages 4 to 6) This class will definitely keep the very young “on their toes”.  Tap is intuitive – one can actually see and hear it.  Tap teaches rhythm, coordination and endurance in a high-energy, fun-filled hour.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.  It emphasizes a solid foundation in technique and offers coordination, musicality, poise, confidence and self-discipline.  Ballet is a theatrical form of dance and an expressive form by telling a story, showing emotions and/or abstract. Join Premiere Dance ballet classes in Burlington Ontario. 

Jazz is very expressive in nature from lyrical to modern dance. This class emphasizes terminology as well as technique and performance.

Acro is a combination of jazz and gymnastics, which helps to develop strength, coordination and control.  This class incorporates acrobatics, tumbling, stretching and dance.

Hip Hop is freestyle an art form that includes deejaying, emceeing/rapping and break dancing. This form of dance is derived from jazz technique combined with street dancing.

Drama/Theatre is a caricature of plays wherein dancers perform in a song, dance, pantomime and dialogue.  It combines music, song, spoken dialogue and dance.  The storyline is communicated through words, music, movement and entertainment as a whole. 

Tap  is a skill that has been adapted to changes in style in both movement and music.  Tap has the ability to be showy, acrobatic and very expressive.  Tap teaches rhythm, coordination and endurance in a high-energy, fun-filled hour.

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