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In keeping with simple and easy wellness and lifestyle changes. The programs at Prana are designed to implement habits into your life without drastic changes. Programs start at $125+tx.

At Prana your mind, body and energy evolution are major considerations in program customization. Whether you are just beginning and have never detoxified before, want to cleanse, lose weight or clear up your skin, a program that you can do will be customized for you. All programs use the Far Infrared Sauna and Detox Bathing.

A positive experience with detoxification is important. Body detox is not just about the body, it is about balance....and it's easier than you think!

Body, Skin, Heavy Metals, Pain Detox: These programs have two parts comprising the internal component which focuses on natural eating along with using fibre detoxification drinks and cleansing herbal teas.

Expect weight changes, skin changes, nerves, mood and vitality to improve when doing detox programs.

Why detox anyway?

Today we are exposed to many toxic substances. through processed foods, air and water pollution, acid rain and other chemicals to name a few.

Pollutants and toxins work their way through the skin (our largest organ), into the bloodstream and eventually into internal organs, impeding bodily functions and decreasing overall health and wellbeing.

Detoxifying or cleansing the body at Prana involves removing toxins and pollutants from the body in safe non invasive methods, which combined with sensible eating, promotes natural long term body cleansing techniques for wellness and weight loss.

Body Detox Therapy is one of the easiest and safest ways toxins are eliminated. Removing old antibiotics and chemical waste.

With the Prana programs, our clients eliminate unwanted toxins and gain knowledge on economical ways to maintain body harmony in today's toxic world.
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