Play It Again Sports - Edmonton
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Your Basement Could Be A Gold Mine!
Kids grow like weeds – and they outgrow sports equipment so fast it’s amazing.  Much of this gear is still in great condition and has lots of years left in it, which makes that cluttered garage or closet a potential source of income.  If your treadmill is collecting dust and you have a fancy to try something new like an elliptical machine, we can help you trade your quality used fitness equipment in for something new, used or for cash.  Instead of getting pennies on the dollar at a garage sale, simply bring your used sports and fitness gear in to a Play It Again Sports® franchise near you, where we buy, sell and trade quality sports equipment and start cashing in today.

Play It Again Sports pays cash for all kinds of sports and fitness equipment, large and small.  After all – adults like to try new sports too, right?  And when next year rolls around and your kids need an even larger size, count on us to help you trade it up. Plus, we offer you more choices with a large selection of quality used sports equipment and an even larger selection on new name-brand products.

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