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WE ARE NOT A DEPOT: Small has many advantages. Large chains have to commit to purchasing in volume to retain their lines. Physical Assets in Toronto chooses the best from our supplier's product lines and provides a wide selection of exercise equipment and whole body vibration machines at price points that aren't overwhelming.

PRODUCT: Many of our  exercise equipment manufacturers are owner /operated. These manufacturers are quite often the ones that produce the most innovative and best quality exercise equipment in the industry. Unlike fitness equipment that is mass produced, our suppliers build equipment that is built to be used with solid warranties. You should'nt have to buy extended warranties.

KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: 25 years of experience in fitness equipment sales and service, we have learned that people want to be treated with respect and that they appreciate when we point out the details they didn't know to ask. We ensure that you understand why certain exercise equipment might be better choice for you than what your best friend advised you get. Whether you’re in the market for treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, home gyms, spinners; Whole Body Vibration machines or other types of fitness equipment, we will make sure its right for you.
Should you ever have a problem and require service, our skilled technicians will come to your home or fitness facility and service or repair your equipment in a timely manner.

CUSTOM FIT: One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing exercise equipment is how well the machine fits you. If the exercise equipment doesn’t fit comfortably, you’ll most likely stop using it after a short time. Many of our manufacturers make equipment that can be adjusted to the individual insuring you can move in a more natural way making your workout more productive. We will evaluate all your needs - exercise should'nt hurt.

DELIVERY: Most installations will involve two men (not one man and a dolly) who will uncrate the equipment and carry it into your home by hand with care. They will assemble the equipment in the room of your choice, test all functions and remove all cardboard; styrofoam and packaging to be recycled. Over 25 years of experience in installations means you dont have to worry. We can deal with your old equipment for removal if needed.

TRIAL PERIODS: We offer trial periods for most of the fitness equipment we sell. This allows you to actually try out our exercise equipment in your home before you make any commitment. This offer is a real benefit for people with chronic motivation; back or joint problems.

ROOM LAYOUTS: We can also visit your home and provide you with computerized overhead drawings of the room with different placement options for your new exercise equipment. This evaluation also takes into consideration  electrical requirements, flooring materials, air flow and ceiling height requiremets to name a few.

ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE: We try to minimize our footprint as much as possible. We buy from Canadian and North American manufacturers whenever possible. Two of our main suppliers are Bodyguard Fitness, which manufactures some product in Quebec and treadmills; ellipticals; exercise bikes; and stairmachines in their company owned factory in Shanghai and Vectra Fitness, who is one of the few manufacturers of weight equipment that continue to manufacture in the USA, not off shore. By purchasing locally our freight costs are reduced as well as carbon emmissions. Bodyguard uses minimal Styrofoam in their packaging and filters all electromagnetic pollution in their treadmills. We recycle the majority of our packaging. All cardboard, styrofoam and wooden skids are recycled. Our old motors and electronics are either returned to the manufacturer to be refurbished or are picked up with the old fitness equipment for scrap.We have recently replaced our carpeting with Interface FLOR tiles. Interface manufactures Climate Neutral Cool Carpet.  Our old carpeting was recycled by Interface. Cool.

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