Personal Training for Men
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All of our Personal Trainers are certified kinesiologists to ensure that no matter what your physical ability or goals we have the team to get you there.

Your trainer will use the latest, most innovative and effective training techniques to guarantee that you achieve your specific goals. We have a wide variety of equipment that is engineered to accommodate men.

Our mission is to provide outstanding professional training in an environment that is geared to men.

Muscle toning
Muscle Building
Getting rid of a belly.
Weight loss
Injury Management
Medical Problems
- Blood pressure
- Heart conditions
- Diabetes
- Cholesterol
- Pre & Post Surgery (A strong body will help you to heal faster).

Golf is a precise sport requiring specific physical training to play it effectively. Having better control of your body will give better control of your game. This program is designed to target and enhance those parts of your body that control your swing.

Hockey incorporates multiple muscle groups for ultimate performance. Powerful legs are needed for speed and agility, strong abdominal for core strength and strong upper body muscles for shot power and stability.

Tennis is a sport that is demanding on the muscles and joints. In order to play tennis effectively and safely you need to train your body to accommodate its physical requirements. This program is designed to target and enhance those part of your body that will not only help you improve your game but also prevent injury.

Skiing is full body exercise. In order to maximize your speed, ski tighter lines and make better turns you need to be strong, the kind of strength that’s best acquired in the weight room.


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