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Performance Health Group is an amalgamation of three multi-disciplinary clinics conveniently located in Vancouver, Surrey and Aldergrove. Our integrated clinics offer the core services of Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques® (ART), Registered Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy (Class IV). We also use a variety of other techniques including Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (SFMA), Functional Movement Screens® (FMS), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS), Graston, Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization® (SASTM), Kinesio Taping , Custom Orthotics, and Rehabilitation. What makes us different Correct, Prevent, Excel At Performance Health Group we are committed to giving you specialized and individual care to get you back to optimal health. We have assembled a team of practitioners who are passionate and committed to utilizing the most current, leading edge techniques in an integrated manner to deliver the care you deserve. We use a combination of soft tissue therapies including Active Release Techniques® (ART), joint mobilization and manipulation, massage therapy, laser therapy, Graston and Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation® (SASTM) in conjunction with corrective exercises to achieve your treatment goals. We recognize that everyone is unique and therefore we specialize in personalized care. Whether you are an adult or a child, pregnant or just had a baby, a recreational or high level competitive athlete, we can help. For most patients we expect significant improvement in pain and/or function within the first four to six treatments. Our unique and integrated approach allows us to refer you to the appropriate practitioner if we are not getting the results we are looking for. At Performance Health Group we believe that patient education is an essential part of the treatment process. We will show you the proper exercises to maintain your own health in order to prevent, minimize, or self-manage recurrences. T: 604.581.0232 F: 604.581.0889 Surrey T: 778.366.9977 F: 778.366.9988 Langley

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