If repeated attempts are just not working in your efforts to eat better and improve your health, let Patricia know. In an easy, caring way, she and/or her talented colleagues Rebecca Harper and Reisha Harper, who happen to be twin sisters, would be pleased to assist you with any of the following concerns:

*weight loss or weight gain
*diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol control
*eating for sports performance
*gluten-free eating
*feeding a busy family or fueling a busy life
*food shopping, meal planning and food preparation
*custom meal plans for your family

Consultations are available for individuals, couples, families and groups. 


*Individuals: $180 for one, 1 hour session or $300 for two, 1 hour sessions when paid at first appointment. After the first 2 sessions, fees are reduced to $60/each 30 minutes of followup
*Couples: $460/two, 1 hour sessions
*Families/Groups of 3 or more: $500/two, 1 hour sessions

Patricia’s favourite clients have included: Numerous busy people, athletes, students, moms, dads and kids!

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