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 It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, a frustrated high handicapper, or a single digit golfer, hitting the ball straight off the tee, the fairway, and around the green is key. But golfers are faced with expensive, intimidating, traditional teaching methods that needlessly complicate the basic physics of a golf swing. And the inconsistent results golfers typically experience leave them frustrated and jaded.

Sound familiar?
At Parmasters, we believe we can help you become a better golfer by learning a golf system that allows you to consistently hit the ball straight so you play better and have fun doing it!  That golf system is called Straight-Line Golf™, and we’re so sure you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your golf game, we guarantee it! And we don’t just guarantee your satisfaction, we guarantee results.

If you have an established handicap, we guarantee 25% off that handicap, and if you’re a golfer without an established handicap we guarantee 25% off your handicap equivalent. Even if you’re a new golfer, we guarantee twenty strokes off your score!! All we ask is that you listen to the entire program, and put it into action.

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