Best cosmetic dentist in Vancouver for you is the cosmetic dentist in Vancouver who listens to your individual needs and wants. At Parkview Dental, Dr Shahdad Ayoughi believes in individually designed cosmetic dentistry treatment plan for each patient.
  • Contouring
    Contouring levels off teeth that are positioned unevenly or that have become chipped or worn over the years.
  • All-Porcelain Crowns
    Crowns All porcelain crowns are a beautiful and closest to natural look. Crowns are made of gold, porcelain fused to metal or new, all-white porcelain materials. 
  • Bonding
    Modern simple procedure that can improve your smile. A single tooth can be shaped and colored or your entire smile can be changed. 
  • Bridges
    A bridge is an excellent way to replace a missing tooth and keep a beautiful smile. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by attaching to the teeth on either side of the empty space. 
  • Ceramic Onlays
    This procedure is a terrific alternative to silver amalgam fillings. When a restoration is of small or moderate size, it can be effectively restored directly with a composite resin
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