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Boxing Class
The Panther Gym's group boxing classes are becoming one of the most popular ways for men and women to learn practical fighting skills and get in shape.

Boxing trains the muscles and cardiovascular system in a way few other sports can. It teaches balance, speed and power, and tests athletes both physically and mentally. Our group classes are suitable for everyone. Sparring is optional and physical contact is not mandatory.

It offers students the opportunity to experience the physical training necessary to become a boxer without the risk of hand-to-hand combat.

Are you a beginner? No worries! Thursdays class is Boxing Basics. Great for beginners to learn the ropes and also for veterans to master the fundamentals!

•Indoor training apparel
•Indoor training shoes
•Bag Gloves (provided for first-timers)
We have a great selection of equipment available for purchase at the gym.

Personal Training
If you are looking for some one-on-one attention, Panther Gym is the home of many qualified and professional fitness, boxing and martial arts trainers. We can tailor-make a program that is specific to your goals. See below for a some of our more popular programs

Interactive Boxing Coaching
Panther Gym's Interactive Boxing coaching takes personal training to the next level. Our personal trainers will train you just like a pro. You will receive regular focus mitt sessions, customized conditioning program, constant feedback and drills specific to your strengths & weaknesses. This is a fully interactive program where we Work with You - Not just Watch

Coached Sparring Program
Learn to fight in a safe and comfortable environment. Panther Gym's Coached Sparring sessions offer a one hour training personal training session with direct focus on the skills and abilities needed to fight effectively. Each session features customized sparring drills, minimum 6 rounds of sparring with a professional and feedback and advice.

Strength & Fitness Program
We can design and tailor-make a fitness program that is specific to your goals. Our trainers can ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and be on-hand to monitor and motivate you.

At Panther Gym, our fitness & strength programs are not like anything you have ever seen before. They incorporate traditional weight lifting with a wide variety of total body boxing drills that will maximize your gains.

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