Pacific Spirit Dental Centre
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Pacific Spirit Dental Centre (PSDC) showcases what we believe a modern dental office should be; pleasant, comfortable and cutting edge. Within the warm and soothing textures of river rock, fir trim and glass, we have housed an environmentally 'green' facility with all the trimmings of today's technology.

We are excited about being 'Green'. We have led the way by becoming fully digital in our processing of radiographs (x-ray pictures) and photographs. As the radiographs are 'processed' by digital computerized scanning, there are no longer any chemical vapours permeating the clinic air or harming the environment when they are disposed.

In addition, we employ state-of-the-art hospital grade sterilization which uses distilled/conditioned water instead of chemical solutions. No longer are these sterilization chemicals disposed of into the environment. PSDC does not use mercury/amalgam fillings and those that are removed from our patient's mouths, are scavenged by our system and returned for recycling. Not only does our clinic smell fresh, but we are doing our best for the environment.

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