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Ottawa Invisalign for a Simply, Straight Smile When it comes to precision teeth alignment, not many dental offices compare to Ottawa Invisalign Dental offices. Using the state of art technology, all alignments are straightforward, simple and stress-free.

How Invisalign works? Starting with your complimentary initial consultation, the Invisalign technology renders a 3-D view of your teeth. The computer generated image projects a virtual treatment plan, showing the number of alignments necessary to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign brace is comprised of a durable medical grade plastic. It is designed to move teeth incrementally through each phase of the teeth realignment treatment.

How long does Ottawa Invisalign take to complete treatment? Depending on the results of your Invisalign consultation, you will wear a series of aligners for different time spans. Aligners are worn in a series of 10-15 days or until it is time for a new aligner. Treatment takes between six and 12 months for completion.

Why our patients love Ottawa Invisalign?

  • Convenient
  • Almost Invisible
  • Less Dental visits
  • Easy oral hygiene

-There’s no clearer choice for straighter teeth. Patients rave about Ottawa Invisalign treatment because our work is so good it’s merely invisible. Completely convenient and removable, Invisalign enables you to consume whatever you desire. Maintaining oral hygiene is simple too. More importantly, without cumbersome metal, wires and bands, less mouth irritation reduces your time at our office for adjustments.

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