Our professional staff will perform a thorough assessment of your running and walking biomechanics along with your footwear to determine the best solution to your problem.

We can then design and make custom orthotics that answer your specific needs and get you back on track. Used in combination with your shoes and footwear, you will have the most up to date and correct positioning for your entire body.

A certified pedorthist will provide:
Assessment: through observation of surface anatomy and palpation of the limb,
Gait analysis: range-of-motion testing, footwear foot analysis and review of potentially complicated health factors
Casting: manufacturing, fitting and adjusting orthotics, fitting and modifying standard and orthopaedic footwear
Accommodating/incorporating: complementary assistive devices
Pedorthists, unlike other foot care practitioners, have been trained to manufacture and modify both footwear and orthotics. This gives us a unique understanding of how the devices work together. The result is a biomechanically supportive system that addresses your individual requirements.

Our Clients Include:
Marathon runners, skiers, golfers, soccer players, ultimate fisbee players, cyclists, walkers, skaters, active individuals, all sports and more! We manufacture all orthotics from a non-weight-bearing plaster cast. This captures the true three-dimensional neutral position of the foot.

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