Orthodontics Wired/Wireless
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Orthodontics can improve dental health and appearance. This treatment involves correcting bite problems and straightening teeth. The objective is always to improve dental health to make it easier to keep your teeth healthy-looking for a lifetime. Catching orthodontic problems at an early stage can make life simpler for everyone. In some cases early treatment can provide dramatic results and minimize the amount of work that needs to be done later. In quite a number of cases early treament may not be appropriate, but early detection can help patients and parents plan for what may be needed in the future.

We use tried-and-true methods to accomplish this objective and strive to offer our patients the latest in orthodontic technology. We employ modern and safe sterilization procedures and our staff consists of highly trained and appropriately certified personnel. Dr. Boutin believes that the training we provide to our patients in terms of keeping their teeth clean during orthodontic treatment leads to a lifetime or good oral hygiene habits. This benefit alone is diffficult to put a price on. We consider it a priviledge to work in this field of dentistry and take pride in offering to you the best that orthodontics can offer.

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