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At Orthodontics for Adults we offer a variety of services and techniques to help improve your smile. These include:

Invisalign – Appliances that are nearly invisible, extremely comfortable and easily removable (click for more details).

Clear Braces – Clear braces are preferred by many of our clients. They blend in with the natural colour of your teeth and are much less noticeable than metal braces.

Inside Braces (lingual braces) – Lingual braces fit on the tongue side of the teeth. They are invisible from the front, and work well to correct a variety of moderate and complex orthodontic problems.

Metal Braces – Traditional metal braces are easier to maintain and are more durable than those made from other materials. Treatment time may also be shorter with metal braces.

Bite Plate & Retainers – These appliances fit over your teeth and are removable for easy cleaning. They are suitable for treating simple problems.

Daemon Brackets, Speed Brackets – We offer daemon brackets, speed brackets, other self-ligating brackets, heat activated nickel titanium wires, iBraces and many other types of advanced brackets and wires. The brackets we use on your case are carefully selected to match the needs and goals of your treatment.

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