We specialize in custom-made foot orthoses and shoe modifications. Using traditional casting (full slipper) methods in the assessment, our company offers unparalleled service and selection of foot orthotics. We take pride in the fact that we still use the plaster casting method in order to obtain a true three dimensional shape of our patient’s feet.

Orthotics In Motion (2004) Inc. has an onsite laboratory that allows us to manufacture orthotics locally, provide superior craftsmanship, and offer additional services for complete foot care, such as footwear modifications, access to custom shoemakers, and more. Our orthotics can be manufactured using traditional manufacturing techniques, offering you 7 primary types of orthotics, in up to 15 different styles! We are the hands on people! An onsite lab also gives you the advantage of having adjustments performed while you wait; no wait time without your orthotics.

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