Oakville Academy For the Arts
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The Oakville Academy for the Arts is the only Facility in Oakville that offers the benefits and convenience of a multi disciplined  program  from age 2.5 years and up. We offer many exciting classes both private and group to allow each individual the opportunity to explore their personal passion. Our classes can be scheduled to accommodate the many needs of a family in hopes of eliminating time consuming travel. Many of the programs at the Academy have been unavailable to the area before. 

Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) Ballet
The Oakville Academy for the Arts is proud of its growing Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Programme.  To date, over 300 dancers have successfully completed Graded and Vocational Graded (pre-professional) Examinations and Assessments under the direction of highly-trained and well-respected faculty.

The OAA was the first in Ontario to explore and prepare little dancers in the RAD Pre-School Dance Curriculum.  It has been an overwhelming success and serves to consolidate our commitment of sound, healthful dance training from the outset to both parents and students alike.  Careful nurturing of dancers’ technique, bodies, emotions and intellect is a priority in all their training. This enables the graduates of The Oakville Academy for the Arts to pursue their goals with a solid foundation in this beautiful art form.

The Oakville Academy for the Arts offers a range of exciting dance opportunities for students of all ages. Our teachers are trained to introduce and develop dancers of all levels to a high caliber of performance. The recreational programs are designed specifically for the enjoyment of the students wishing to explore all or some of the various dance forms. Students are evaluated and slotted into the appropriate skill levels and perform annually at the Academy’s Recital

Adult Programs
The Oakville Academy for the Arts is pleased to offer a variety of adult programs designed to be educational and enjoyable. Classes are available in Fine Arts, Musical Instruction (instrumental and vocal) Dance, and Pilates. Daytime and evening class times are available.
We are pleased to offer a 20 % discount to Seniors and Students in all group lessons.

Competitive Dance
The Oakville Academy for the Arts is dedicated to provide exceptional training in dance with their highly qualified faculty.  We are committed to creating a high quality standard of training increasing the potential in each dancer. The competitive program is structured around creating well rounded dancers in all disciplines of dance.  Our goal is to develop strong technical dancers creating skills that will promote self-confidence, self-esteem, dedication, commitment, team work, creativity and a love for the arts in a professional environment. 



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