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Based on their earlier personal experiences with elderly home care services, Ken and John decided to start a Nurse Next Door - a senior home health care company that would provide senior care services that would improve the lives of those struggling with sick or aging family members. Milton Wong later joined them as Chairman and Mentor, with the mission to build a world-class senior health care organization dedicated to serving seniors in various communities across Canada.

When Nurse Next Door started, the two young entrepreneurs bought two cell phones, hired six caregivers, occupied a table at a local Starbucks coffee shop and started to build a leading senior home health care company fully committed to improving the quality of life of their clients.

Since starting Nurse Next Door more than five years ago, John and Ken have built their company into BC’s largest senior home health care business. They are poised to become an industry leader in North America, and will continue to build a world-class organization to make senior’s lives visit at a time!

Nurse Next Door's services include: senior companionship, home management, senior care, live-in home health care, nursing home health care, respite care, and childcare.

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