Neck Injury Treatment in New York

Your neck plays an important role other than attaching your head to your body. It allows you to twist and turn your head and hold it upright throughout the day. Because of the location of your neck, the structures surrounding it, and its range of movement, your neck area is particularly prone to injury, which is why you need to seek advice from the experienced board certified pain doctors at NY pain management. Don’t risk further damage or disability by waiting to find a neck injury treatment.

Your neck is made up of your spinal cord, which is surrounded by cervical bones, enclosed in muscles, nerves, blood vessels and skin. Other important structures like your esophagus, trachea and voice box also reside in your neck.

While you can injure part of your neck, a neck injury generally refers to an injury or disease of your cervical spinal cord, cervical vertebrae, muscles, ligaments or tendons. When you have an injury, find regenerative medical treatment that takes into account the cause and interconnected nature of your neck.

Main Causes of Neck Injuries
Neck injuries vary in severity, but they’re never something to shrug off. They can create minor, annoying neck pain, or they can cause serious, potentially debilitating conditions. Your posture, lifestyle and occupation all affect the health of your neck, and each can lead to a neck injury. Some causes of minor and more common neck injuries include:

Overuse or improper use
Minor injury or inflammation
Poor posture or sleeping habits
Sprains and strains
The flu
Worn joints

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