A woman’s breasts have a substantial impact on how a woman feels about herself. Having beautiful breasts that fit your body shape makes a woman feel feminine and attractive. Your breasts may feel the wrong size or shape for many reasons: your breasts may not have developed into the size of breast you would have liked, or may have developed unevenly or with an unusual shape. Changes in weight, pregnancy, nursing your children or previous surgery on your breast may have changed the size of your breasts or left you with loose saggy skin. All of these factors can make you feel unhappy with your breasts.


Many people are unhappy with the shape of their body. Even with diligent diet and exercise, it’s not always possible to achieve a body you’re comfortable with. Whether you’ve got a single spot that won’t respond to weight loss or exercise or you’ve lost weight or had a baby and are left with sagging skin, a body contouring procedure can tighten skin and muscles, remove stubborn fat deposits, and help you achieve a slimmer, more youthful-looking physique. Plastic surgery is not an alternative to weight loss. It is a way to improve on the body you already have.

Your face gives expression to who you are. Many people feel that they are aging only when they look at a mirror- that their face portrays someone who looks tired – more tired and older than they themselves feel. Facial rejuvenation will rebalance this feeling. Tightening loose skin with surgery offers a very effective way to improve how you look, how you feel about yourself, as well as how others perceive you.

Restoring and protecting your skin is an important component of looking and feeling your best. Advances in skin care have allowed treatments with no to minimal recovery time and great results. Many people chose to focus only on improving and maintaining their skin, while others will use non-surgical techniques described below as and adjunct to facial surgery.


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