Conditions Treated
It's important to understand that your feet have a direct impact on the rest of your body and support you with each step. A small abnormality in foot function can have a large impact on joints higher up in the body, causing pain and discomfort. When you are running, the pressure on your feet can be three or four times your body weight. Even walking can produce more pressure than the sum of your body weight. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. That adds up to about 115,000 miles in a lifetime or more than four times the circumference of the globe. That is a lot of walking with ill-fitting shoes or painful feet!!

In some cases foot ailments can be an early signal of more serious medical problems like arthritis or diabetes. Women have four times as many foot problems as men because they have a long history of wearing high heels and/or pointy toe shoes. Orthotics and proper shoe fit are very important aspects of foot health. Remember if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your ankles, knees or hip joints ....the direct cause may be the function of your feet or ill-fitting shoes.

The use of orthotics is sometimes nessecary to effectively treat a foot condition. An orthotic is a custom fit piece of medical equipment that enables the joints and bones of the foot to be in a more stable position for standing and while in motion. Each orthotic is made to treat each patient specific foot condition.

Are Orthotics right for you?
A complete foot exam by a qualified doctor is the first key step to deciding if orthotics are a good choice for you. This should include:

•physical exam
•biomechanical exam and gait analysis

Common conditions treated with foot orthotics include, but are not limited to:

•Foot pronation (flat-feet)
•Children's problems including in-toe, out-toe and flat feet
•Foot pain and fatigue
•Leg pain and fatigue
•Knee pain
•Back pain
•Sports related injuries
•Planter fascitis
•Heel Spurs
•Hammer Toes
•Corns, callouses and bunions

Building a custom orthotic
When orthotics are prescribed, the device is tailor made to the needs of the patient. Although custom prescription orthotics are designed to help medical conditions, like all other medical appliances they are not a guaranteed cure.

TOG GaitScan™ Technology
Our GaitScan™ System is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for assessing your patient's biomechanics. GaitScan™ has an industry high 4096 sensors and scans at an industry high 300Hz (scans per second). These measurements provide today's healthcare professionals with a sophisticated explanation of foot mechanics and assists them with orthotic and/or shoe solutions. TOG GaitScan™ is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available and it has been designed to move you to the forefront of orthotic therapy and patient education.

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