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It is not always easy to keep up with the terms and information we receive from doctors and other health professionals, including some physical therapists. And while we are sure that they are looking for the best treatment, we make it a point to go beyond and also carefully instruct and explain each step and condition.

Here at Motion Focus & Sports Clinic, we are guided by a few principles, one of them being a high level of technical knowledge but without forgetting to work collaboratively and constructively. We are also a patient-centred physiotherapy clinic, that is, you will always be at our starting point, and we will always do our best so that you can have a great path to recovery, get rid of pain, optimize your body and function, and leave 100% satisfied with our service at all levels. Learn more about about us

We take physiotherapy very seriously, and have 4 principles that guide us to succeed. For our staff and team of physiotherapists, following these pillars is essential, and this is the Motion Focus & Sports Clinic way of being. Want to know more about us and how we do physiotherapy? See our 4 pillars below:

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