Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure designed to raise the nipple-areola complex higher on the breast to a more aesthetically pleasing position. The skin of the breast is tailored to improve the form of the breast according the desires of the patient. Breast tissue can be removed if required or volume added with use of breast implants. The amount of “lifting” that is required varies greatly from patient to patient.

Minor Breast Lift
Many women present with what might be described as minor sagging or drooping of their breasts. When very minor, the desired result can be achieved with a small incision around the edge of the upper areola. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is reserved for patients who have good form and volume to their breasts but find their nipples are too low or pointed slightly downwards.

Breast Asymmetry

Women who have breasts that look different from each other have what’s called “breast asymmetry”. While virtually all women have breasts that show minor differences from each other, others have differences that are more noticeable.

The management of breast asymmetry is individualized and rarely follows a straight forward “cook book” formula. Some cases are simple to correct through a patient’s previous incisions or through one of the breast lifting incisions described above. In complex congenital or tubular breast deformity patients, the desired results can be achieved using a staged approach. In these difficult cases, two and sometimes three outpatient procedures may be required to achieve the goals outlined in the initial consultation. As with all cases of breast rejuventation, each patient is unique and the management strategy chosen will depend on both the shape and form of her breasts and the realistic desires of the patient herself.

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