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Hypnosis is used by millions of people every day for general health and wellness.
qualified hypnosis practitioners to assist them address specific physical, emotional,
mental and performance issues.

Many major academic medical centers around the world research hypnosis, use
it as a complementary therapy in conjunction with traditional medical and surgical
care, and have included it in their integrated medicine programs.

You have experienced the hypnotic state more times than you know. The hypnotic
state is characterized by electrical brain activity of the alpha and theta brainwave
types. Every normal human being passes through these states on the way into and
out of normal sleep.

You have experienced the hypnotic state if you've ever become so engrossed in a
book, movie, or activity that other stimuli, both internal and external, cease to enter
your conscious awareness.

You have experienced the hypnotic state if you've ever driven your car and you
suddenly notice you've arrived at home but cannot recall the details of the drive.

So, hypnosis will not be new to you, but consciously choosing to enter the state
might be. Don't worry...entering hypnosis is easy with the help of your hypnotist's
expert guidance. In fact it is widely believed that all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis
because you are always in control. Your hypnotherapist is your teacher and guide.
To be successful you just have to be of normal intelligence and willing to follow your
hypnotist's instructions.

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