Medisys Health Group-Toronto
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Medisys is one of Canada’s largest providers of medical imaging services. With a network of medical imaging centres in Ontario and Quebec—including our own MRI and CT scanners in Montreal—we are able to offer timely appointments for a wide range of procedures critical to early disease detection.

A full-service medical imaging provider possessing the most sophisticated diagnostic and preventive technology, Medisys provides both public- and private-pay services to patients across Canada. Our modalities include: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed axial tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, ultrasound, mammography, bone mineral densitometry (BMD) and x-ray. In Montreal, our CT scanner allows us to perform coronary artery calcium scoring (CT heart scan), lung nodule detection (CT lung scan) and virtual colonoscopy—three of the most sophisticated, non-invasive tests used to detect cancer and heart disease.

Our team of radiologists and technologists specializes in medical imaging procedures, ensuring that your tests are expertly conducted and interpreted in compliance with the highest professional standards.

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