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Whether you’re going away on business or for pleasure, Medisys’ Travel Health Clinics give you all the information, vaccinations, medications and supplies you need to ensure a successful voyage and a safe return.

Executive Health

Bringing a refreshingly efficient, personalized and preventive approach to medicine, Medisys is transforming the way people think about their health—and changing their approach to healthcare in the process.

The cornerstone of Medisys’ Executive Health program is a comprehensive Executive Health & Lifestyle Assessment. This preventive service includes a medical examination by a specialized Executive Health physician, as well as a range of procedures to evaluate cancer and cardiac risk, assess vision, hearing and lung functions, and evaluate lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, stress and smoking.

Healthy Workplace

Both highly specialized and tremendously diverse, Medisys is able to expertly address all aspects of employee health in the work environment. Employee Health Management programs (STD, LTD, WC/WSIB/CSST & casual absence support), Post-Offering Pre-Placement Assessments and Periodic Medical Assessments are just a few of the services we provide to employers.

Medisys' suite of Healthy Workplace Services helps clients in a diverse range of industries to ensure employee health, mitigate health risks, and manage health events, when they do occur.

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