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Personal Training

Experience the professional advice and friendly motivation of the personal training programs at Mawson Health & Fitness. We will help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals, feel good, stay inspired and best of all...get results!

Goal Setting
One of the most important elements of a fitness program is a well defined goal. Appropriate goal setting helps you succeed by allowing you to evaluate your progress and modify or redirect your efforts. The more specific the goal, the better the chance of success.

In this step, we evaluate your current fitness status. Only those healthfitness components directly affecting your goals will be evaluated.

Convenient training sessions are scheduled. The number
of workouts per week will be determined based on your goals.

It’s time to work out! This is where you go for it! Your certified personal trainer will guide you through your entire workout session, providing you with as much motivation and instruction necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Upon completion of the sessions, you can re-enroll for additional training sessions if appropriate. A maintenance program can be designed by your trainer in order to keep you on the right track.
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Children's Activity Centre

MHFC presents Saskatoon's largest Children's Activity Center boasting a 2500 sq ft play area! We're not your average fitness centre. -áWe provide children with fun activities and parents with piece of mind by doing more:

  • Secure entry preludes access of strangers to the facility
  • Monitor your children from a television in the gym
  • Exceptionally clean facility
  • Toys are sanitized daily
  • Private daycare washroom facility
  • Collection of books for varying age groups
  • Complete infant care collection including swings, exersaucers, change tables and play pens
  • Separate age 2 and under play area
  • Raised television for viewing safety
  • Craft materials and activities provide for take home feel good projects and craft and wall displays
  • Large chalkboards
  • Puzzles and games for all age groups
  • CPR & First Aid certified personnel
  • Extensive, co-operative communication between member parents and caregivers
  • No member volunteers involved in care giving to ensure consistent and professional supervision
  • Additional paid personnel called in as numbers of child visitors require

- Choose your own arrival time and leave when your workout is done not in blocked slots
- No per visit fees above membership costs unless you decide to do a drop-in.

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