Lynn Valley Optometry Clinic provides:
  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations for All Ages, including Infants and Preschoolers 
  • Full Service Optical with In-house Lab 
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up, including Bifocal, Disposable and Astigmatism Lenses 
  • Ortho-K (AOK) -- Non-surgical Correction or Reduction of Nearsightedness 
  • Treatment of Eye Diseases and Co-Management of Surgery 
  • Vision Therapy for All Ages 
  • Treatment for Learning-related Vision Problems, including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Reading, and Tracking Problems, etc. 
  • Treatment for Binocular Vision Conditions, such as Amblyopia (lazy eye), Convergence Insufficiency (near vision disorder), Diplopia (double vision), Lack of Stereopsis (two-eyed depth perception), and Strabismus (cross-eyed, wandering eye, eye turns, etc.) 
  • Visual Rehabilitation for Special Populations, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Whiplash, Developmental Delays, etc. 
  • Treatment for Stress-related Visual Problems, including Blurred Vision, Visual Stress from Reading and Computers, Eye Strain Headaches, and/or Vision-induced Stomachaches or Motion Sickness 
  • Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) Co-management and Consultation 
  • Low Vision Aids and Services for the Partially-Sighted 
  • Sports Vision Correction and/or Improvement
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