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Life is always better when we are healthy, energetic and feel our best. But for many of us with busy lives, getting proper nourishment, exercise and sleep can be a challenge. Over time, neglecting our natural needs can take a toll on our bodies, our relationships and our lives. The effects of too much coffee, sugar, salt and over-processed foods can appear as extra weight, lethargy or even something more serious.

The science of health can be confusing. In the West, we dwell on proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.  Eastern traditions include concepts like a food's ability to be used as medicine to strengthen and invigorate or to-ácalm and focus energy.  For optimal effectiveness both approaches must be used in harmony.

Le Petit Chou helps you find true balance by devloping a nutritional plan to meet the needs of you and your family. With our help, you will understand how the properties and correct preparation of food can vastly improve your well-being. Blending Asian tradition and modern Western nutritional science, Le Petit Chou creates a personal diet from higher quality foods that brings new energy and happiness to every aspect of your life.


Le Petit Chou’s mission is to provide the essential information for healing through diet, while providing recommendations for the seasonal and nutritional use of plants and produce for optimal health.

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