At LASIK MD, we offer a full range of vision correction procedures best suited for every pair of eyes.

What are some of the attributes and skills of our LASIK MD surgeon?

  • Solid and proven reputation
  • Specialist in laser eye surgery
  • Cornea specialist
  • Full-time refractive surgeon
  • Up to date and trained on the latest technologies and laser vision techniques
  • Teach surgeons-in-training at prominent universities situated across Canada
  • Certified LASIK instructor
  • Conducts on-going research in the field of refractive surgery

Every LASIK MD surgeon goes through four years of undergraduate studies followed by four years of medical school, with an additional five years of specialized training in eye surgery. Some surgeons go on to obtain a 1 to 2-year sub-specialized training in laser correction.

We offer the following care to our patients:


  • Standard LASIK
  • Custom Wavefront LASIK


  • Standard PRK
  • Custom Wavefront PRK

Reading Vision Correction

  • Monovision

Keratoconus Treatments

  • Corneal Cross-Linking (C3R)

Lens Implants

  • Cataract
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)
  • Presbyopic Lens Exchange (PRELEX)
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